This is the digital era and the number of websites is increasing day by day. To survive in this throat cutting competition, it is highly necessary that your site should be up to the marks. A good web development partner can help you get such websites. One of the most important aspects of a website […]

Choosing a web development partner is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. An excellent selection can lead you towards success and an incorrect decision may turn the tables. You can find out thousands of companies if you search on the Internet. But whom should you select is the question that will eat […]

Metaboxes are one of the finest features that WordPress provides. You can get the data from the post / page creator by the Metabox as like you get in the WordPress editor. Here, with the metaboxes the page creator can easily add the required data and it could be displayed anywhere on the page using […]

“What you write shows your personality!” This is why professional email writing is given a greater importance in communication. Daily you have to interact with your colleagues, your seniors or your clients by emails. You can have a good impression of yours on all of them with a simple yet excellent email. Let’s learn how […]

After PHP 5.0 in 2004 and 5.6 in 2014 here comes a major version of PHP i.e. PHP 7.0 in December 2015. Recently in November 2016, there came PHP 7.1. Features of PHP 7.0 / 7.1 made everyone again focus their eyeballs on PHP. Not only fastest among all the versions of PHP but also […]

Highrise and WordPress, both are the most used applications in their own fields. Integrating Highrise with WordPres can bring in automation, reduce the human efforts and prove to be more advantageous. Unfortunately, there is no ready-made plugin available, that can enable this efficiently. Here in this post, we will make a plugin that integrates the […]

Time and again, technology is upgraded and with that, there are upgradations in the client’s requirements. To meet the client’s requirements with the latest cutting edge technologies, there has to be a methodology to drive the development progress. The major aspects to look after in a development cycle are: Client’s requirements Current trends User friendliness […]

The Internet started with the web and now with the advancement in the technology and emerging market of Smartphones, there arises a necessity of different options. A native mobile app is what every startup needs for themselves, but, is it worth spending a huge amount over it or are you sure to get a good […]

WordPress gives utmost flexibility to set up whatever you want for your website. These flexibilities does not limit only to the front end but the similar could be done at the backend i.e. the Admin Panel as well. While creating the posts, pages or custom post types you can add dozens of metaboxes into it. […]

The trend of owning an eCommerce store for your brand or product is increasing day by day. With the advancement of technology, making eCommerce stores and managing them is now, everyone’s cup of coffee.! While wondering how easy could it be to develop and maintain an eCommerce site, I came to the ground level.! Yeah, […]