Basic information about XML : What is XML ? XML Stands for Extensible Markup Language. A markup language is used to annotate text or add additional information. XML is a universal format for structured documents and data on web. It allows you to separate content from formatting. Note :- I assume that you have basic […]

Which is the weirdest domain name that you have heard of till now.? A bit difficult to think right.? In this competitive era, there is no place for you on the Internet, if you make even a single mistake in representing yourself online. You had difficulty in remembering the most weird domain name that you […]

If you are new to Cascading style sheet (formerly know as CSS) or reached a mediocre level, then CSS Specificity will help you a lot. A few questions that might be striking you mind could be What is CSS Specificity? When will this concept help you, while you converting any PSD to HTML? Which type […]

How websites are important for small businesses

The latest trends in Entrepreneurship and the way the lifestyle of people is changing has brought a drastic change in the way businesses were done and are at present. With the increasing use of technology, most of your customers are now connected to the Internet. If you are not available online may be your competitor […]

Website Planning: 5 Practical Steps for Website Planning

Website Planning, why would I do that.? A well planned and a well-designed website will always attract genuine customers. With the proper planning, you can make your website that will best suit the requirement of your customer. While planning out a website, the biggest mistake that people make is that they do not see or […]

As quoted by Yahoo news, India as a country produces 20 lakh engineer’s every year. This is a huge amount in comparison to the output level of the other countries. We all celebrate the day of 15th September every year as the engineer’s Day which is also the birthday of a renowned engineer from India […]

How to Install Debian using Vagrant

Working on multiple OS on the same system makes it difficult to log on and log off your device and switch around between the operating systems. So the better option is to create a virtual machine on your system and can use a multiple OS over it. Virtual Machine works on your current operating system […]

How To Design An Effective Home Page

Homepage or startpage of your website is something that gives the first impression of your company or your business on your client and as it is said ‘First Impression Lasts Long’. There are a lot of things that you need to take care while designing a home page as you may totally mess up the […]