There are a lot of plugins available that help to offload WordPress files to cloud storage(Amazon S3) but here I am going to summarize my experiences with the S3 Uploads by HumanMade WordPress plugin and what I love the most about this plugin. S3 Uploads – this plugin does not provide any user interface, it’s […]

Image resizing is a common and essential task for most projects. It is considered good practice to resize the images according to their container’s dimensions so that the page performance is not affected much. We have an open-source library in Laravel called Intervention Image that helps to manipulate and handle PHP images. It retains the […]

5 ways to increase your website conversions

In today’s world, the website is the most important part of business, a website shows your potential customers what type of products and services you are providing them. Currently, your website is getting more traffic but in that case if your website has a low conversion, are you willing to improve your website conversions? In […]

Basically, authentication can be considered as a process to identify and recognize user credentials. There are applications that require different database tables for separation of roles and permissions that differentiate the users. Laravel allows multiple authentication to achieve this smoothly along with a clean code. The following will help accomplish this for Laravel projects. Setup […]

Data is an essential ingredient for any business, no matter how large or small! Losing data can cost a lot to business so it is important to take backup and keep the data secure. Talking of data backup and security lets take a walk-through of how to create a database backup file and upload rather […]

Definition of PRD A Product Requirements Document incorporates the definition and purpose of the product to be built. It is used to convey what is being built, who is it for and how it benefits the end-user.  The outline and specifications are used by the product team to actually build and test the product, so […]

5 Things for Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing method of delivering high value and relevant information to your audience based on their needs & retain your audience which ultimately leads to more profit. Building a content marketing strategy can positively impact your business or brand to attract more qualified visitors to your website. In this Infographic you will […]

The ecommerce business is witnessing a widespread growth in India, backed by the penetration of the Internet and the booming smartphone market. The availability of affordable internet connections is working as a boon for the ecommerce industry, thus inspiring even small retailers/business owners to step into the ecommerce world. People are widely using online shopping. […]

It is probably confusing to decide which PHP framework to pick for custom web application development from all the remarkable ones. Mostly all of them follow the MVC pattern and provide a well-organized and reusable code. Among them, Laravel is open source and highly flexible and is used for supporting faster and effective web development […]

Innovation can deliver significant benefits. It is one of the critical skills for achieving success in any business. In many industries, companies seek competitive advantage primarily through product innovation.Product innovation offers compelling advantages to firms, enabling them to maintain their position in a competitive market, exploit new technologies developed internally, respond to the introduction of […]