There are a lot of plugins available that help to offload WordPress files to cloud storage(Amazon S3) but here I am going to summarize my experiences with the S3 Uploads by HumanMade WordPress plugin and what I love the most about this plugin. S3 Uploads – this plugin does not provide any user interface, it’s […]

Basically, authentication can be considered as a process to identify and recognize user credentials. There are applications that require different database tables for separation of roles and permissions that differentiate the users. Laravel allows multiple authentication to achieve this smoothly along with a clean code. The following will help accomplish this for Laravel projects. Setup […]

Data is an essential ingredient for any business, no matter how large or small! Losing data can cost a lot to business so it is important to take backup and keep the data secure. Talking of data backup and security lets take a walk-through of how to create a database backup file and upload rather […]


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