Content marketing is an increasingly hot topic these days. Businesses all around the world are realizing the huge role of content marketing in making their brand (Product/Services) visible to customer on Internet. Through Content marketing, businesses are able to stimulate the interest of customers in their products and services by creating and sharing various online […]

In today’s evolving digital landscape, it’s more competitive than ever. With the advent of the internet reaching into every corner of the world, your company’s website is among a lot of competition: there are over one billion websites in the world. And even more amazingly, an estimate 300 to 500 websites are published every single […]

Often it is convenient to have an easy access to your database through some client like phpMyAdmin on the server where your app or website is installed. This helps us to quickly check the database, run few queries or do some maintenance work. However having just a password protected phpMyAdmin access on a public URL […]

What exactly is a chat bot? Imagine a world where a machine could do your job for you. Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate the conversion of leads, customer care, handling site traffic, taking orders at a restaurant etc.? It would surely mean a lot of cost cutting, reduction of manual work as […]

Presently, the software development is seeing a booming rise in users as well as developers. But in this chaos of deadlines and a wide variety of choices made available to a customer, one might get overwhelmed on what to choose, when will the product be delivered, the time to market and a lot of other […]

In the past 3 years, it has become increasingly hard to get people to install and keep apps on their phones. In the debate on whether mobile web apps or native apps work best for the end user is as old as the technology itself. A good analogy for the battle between Native and Web apps is Desktop […]

Market Analysis: We really need to track the market very thoroughly, especially when talking about the Indian market. Indians are not yet really believing or cannot be trustworthy on online shopping. If it is asked in any of those middle-class families in India, they would prefer to go shopping on weekends or holidays and buy […]

Let me begin by acknowledging the simple fact that marketing and user experience both stem for the desire to understand human behaviour towards a businesses and using them to covert unpredictable emotional responses into tangible results. This however is where the similarity between the two ends. Since both disciplines have emerged from the common goal […]

Encouragement is required sometimes to change our perception. It is always heard that work places are having a different environment, maybe the words coming to my mind are professional, hard Work, rules, follow ups, achievements etc. I personally believe, where a person is spending ¾ of his total time of the day is his/her work […]

Should Businesses hire Agencies for developing website? Well, many of us in this today’s digital world whether a business or an individual is having the question in our mind. Should be hiring an agency for creating our business website or not. Though the answers are somewhat concrete and insubstantial. Some of us are on the […]