PHP Web Development

Often it is convenient to have an easy access to your database through some client like phpMyAdmin on the server where your app or website is installed. This helps us to quickly check the database, run few queries or do some maintenance work. However having just a password protected phpMyAdmin access on a public URL […]

Logging in users for various purposes is now becoming mandatory with the increasing usage of the Internet. Most users may not like to create an account on your website for small purposes. Moreover, filling up your customized signup form and remembering your site’s ID and passwords may seem tedious and uninteresting. In these situations, users […]

Facebook is the largest social media website on the Internet. Thus, it provides a lot of options for you to use Facebook with your website and develop some awesome functionalities using Facebook API. You can create your own app on Facebook and let all your users use it by their Facebook account. To create an […]


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