Market Analysis: We really need to track the market very thoroughly, especially when talking about the Indian market. Indians are not yet really believing or cannot be trustworthy on online shopping. If it is asked in any of those middle-class families in India, they would prefer to go shopping on weekends or holidays and buy […]

Let me begin by acknowledging the simple fact that marketing and user experience both stem for the desire to understand human behaviour towards a businesses and using them to covert unpredictable emotional responses into tangible results. This however is where the similarity between the two ends. Since both disciplines have emerged from the common goal […]

Encouragement is required sometimes to change our perception. It is always heard that work places are having a different environment, maybe the words coming to my mind are professional, hard Work, rules, follow ups, achievements etc. I personally believe, where a person is spending ¾ of his total time of the day is his/her work […]


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